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12/13/14 September


The 2016 Cannonball Chef Awards : This video tracks the Southern Region Team


The 2015 Cannonball Chef Awards : This video tracks the Northern and Midlands Team

The 2014 Cannonball Chef Awards : This video tracks the Scottish/Northern Team

The 2013 Cannonball Chef Awards : This video tracks the Scottish/Northern Team

For Cannonball 2017 we’re working with the UK Restaurant industry and the public to select who we ‘re going to visit. We’re looking for restaurants that are either well established as a regional or national leader in their cooking style, or an emerging chef who is set for stardom.  Each year we celebrate established quality but we’ve also uncovered some amazing talent who we’ve revisited to produce stunning showreels like this… Could this be you in 2017?

To register a restaurant you’d like to see in the Cannonball Chef Awards 2017 just complete the form below?

Restaurant Vote


Cannonball Chef Awards – Your Vote!

Not every chef gets the personal recognition they truly deserve.

12/13/14 September 2017

To be considered for our 2017 celebration of UK culinary standards we go beyond other guides by exploring the key skills that make top chefs successful in the modern, progressive industry. We don’t just accept your food tastes great, our expertise allows us to understand why.



  1. Incredible, quality ingredients.
  2. Incredibly fresh ingredients.
  3. Great use of seasonal combinations.
  4. Harmonious flavour combinations.
  5. Fresh, vibrant flavours within dishes.
  6. Outstanding sourcing of ingredients.
  7. Clear exploration of contrasting textures and flavours.
  8. Precision timing.
  9. Consistent menu style/theme.
  10. Precision seasoning.
  11. Accurate temperatures – both hot & cold.
  12. Visual impact of dish assembly.
  13. Outstanding skills by the team.
  14. Structured innovation.
  15. Cutting edge artistic and scientific application.
N.B. We recognise the use of local ingredients though only when they meet quality expectations.



UK Chef Awards 2017

Cannonball Chef Award Winners 

12 – 14 September 

The most comprehensive snap shot of UK culinary quality. Check back to see the list #comingsoon

The form below allows the award winning chefs to formally accept their award and to allow us plan our non-stop journey accordingly.

Please complete the form below.

Award Acceptance

  • This is the name with which we will make our introduction when we arrive at your establishment
  • Drop files here or
      Your photos don't have to be of a professional standard but clear enough to showcase your quality.






    Gordon Cartwright

    Your Guide to the 2017 Cannonball Chef Awards

    What are the Cannonball Chef Awards?

    Now moving into it’s 6th year, the Cannonball Chef Awards is a national culinary awards celebration that takes place over 3 days across the UK. 2 CannonBall teams of culinary experts visit 50 pioneering restaurants non stop over the 12/13/14 September.

    What does a CannonBall Chef Award mean?

    The Cannonball Chef Awards celebrate skill, innovation, established quality and recognises chefs within the UK that lead regional and national standards.

    How much does it cost me?

    There is no fee associated with participating with the Cannonball Chef Awards. When you are visited all you have to do is to provide a 20 minute dining experience that the visiting team can photograph and network extensively across our social media networks. In 2016 we triggered millions of hits across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. The audience for our event is vast.

    How will my establishment benefit from this award?

    We want to showcase your product to a vast audience. In 2015 we triggered almost 29m million network hits over 3 days making this award event one of the most viewed in the UK. We also trended second on Twitter. It was Huge!

    1. All establishments will be sent a pre event press release.
    2. All participating restaurants will receive a commemorative plate courtesy of CCS & Rak Porcelain.
    3. 2 Cars will target 50 establishments within 48 Hours non stop. You’re a big deal to us!
    4. Each car will feature industry professionals along with a professional photographer and a social media expert.
    5. Social media images and films from this years event will be showcased from September this year until our event in 2018.
    6. Award winners receive an ‘Essentials Voucher Pack’ and cash off future orders, exclusively from Continental Chef Supplies.

    If you have any further suggestions, or if you’d like to apply to become a Cannonball Restaurant, please complete the form below.

    Am I good enough to participate?

    Whilst recognising established regional and national talent, The Cannonball Chef Awards has also uncovered new emerging talent that might not have been inspected by the traditional guides. So please let us know if you think you’re ready for us to take a look.

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